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Ballet Shoes

Tappers & Pointers, Katz & Freed ballet shoes size differently to normal outdoor shoes.  If you do not already know your ballet shoe size we would recommend ordering 1½ to 2 sizes larger than your normal outdoor shoe size, depending on how snugly you wish them to fit.

So Danca ballet shoes size like normal shoes and we recommend ordering your normal outdoor shoe size.  


Pointe Shoes


We would only recommend ordering pointe shoes online if you have had pointe shoes before and are certain of your size and width fitting.  It is extremely important that pointe shoes are a good fit for reasons of both health and comfort.  If you have not had pointe shoes before or are not sure of you pointe shoe size or width fitting, then we would always advise that you go to a dancewear shop that offers a pointe shoe fitting service.



Gym/41 sz 0-3a


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